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Traffic Violations, Auto Insurance and Your Rates

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Car insurance is expensive. You don’t need a traffic ticket to make your premiums higher. This is why it is important to drive carefully and politely within the legal speed limit. That way, the police have no reason to pull you over and issue you a citation for irresponsible driving.

You might be wondering. The ticket itself involves a fine. Why would you be penalized further by your insurance company?

Honestly, your insurance company has no interest in punishing you. They are just for their own benefit. When they see you convicted for a mobile violation, they think it’s a danger to their operations. Traffic violations show insurance companies that you are more likely to be part of a car accident or collision than someone with a clean driving record. When it comes to insurance, a car accident means it’s possible to claim that they will cost them money. Insurance companies balance the risk of auto accident claims by raising premiums or surcharges.

Of course, each company evaluates its response to a poor driving record individually. In general, though, they have a team that looks at your general behavior while driving.

The insurer will take into account the severity of the traffic violation when determining the rate of increase.

So, if you’re guilty of DUI, you’re going to find yourself with an extremely restrictive response to rate hikes. If you were ticketed just because your headlights were broken, the judgment on you would be mild. If you’re caught speeding 15 miles over the city limit, you’ll get a higher increase than if you were only 5 miles over the posted mileage.

People often ask about parking tickets. In most cases, motorists who receive a parking ticket only need to worry about paying the ticket. If the insurance company thinks you’re responsible for your bill, and they don’t think the parking citation is related to your likelihood of being involved in a car accident, the insurance company won’t increase your rates.

Ideas go far beyond cars. Whether you’re driving a truck, van, motorcycle or other type of vehicle, your rates will go up if you’re convicted of a moving or speeding violation.

For more information on this topic, consult an experienced independent insurance agent.

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