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I was initially going to post this Southwestern egg roll recipe on my other blog as it’s more of our mashup of east and west flavors than straight up Asian, but I thought it’d be nice to switch things up here on Kawaling Pinoy and feature fusion dishes once in a while. Besides, the ingredients are pretty basic and won’t be hard to find even for our kababayan readers in the Philippines.

Also, these egg rolls are my absolute favorite and I am sure you’ll love them as much as I do. Golden, crunchy and loaded with chicken, vegetables, beans, and melty cheese, they’re seriously addicting! They’re a great appetizer to have on hand for a party or just for you to enjoy as a tasty snack.

Are Egg Rolls and Spring Rolls the Same Thing?

The ubiquitous lumpia in our Filipino cuisine uses spring roll wrappers which are made of flour, water, and salt. They’re thinner and lighter than their egg roll counterpart and are flaky and shatteringly crisp when fried.

Egg roll wrappers, on the other hand, have added eggs to the usual mixture flour, water, and salt. They have a thicker and doughy texture and tend to bubble up on the outside when fried.

Tips on How to Make Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls

  • I like to poach the chicken breast to keep it moist and tender but you can also use grilled, baked or rotisserie chicken. Just pull the meat off the bones and chop finely.
  • Cook just until the bell peppers are tender-crisp and the spinach just until wilted as they will continue to cook when deep-fried.
  • Drain the chicken filling well and allow to cool completely before rolling as the excess liquid or steam might tear the wrappers.
  • Do not overstuff to prevent them from falling apart and roll them nice and tight to keep the frying oil from seeping in.
  • Cover the wrappers with a paper or kitchen towel while you’re working to keep them from drying out.
  • To store for future use, arrange the prepared egg rolls in a parchment-lined baking sheet and freeze for about 20 to 30 minutes or until firm before transferring to airtight containers or resealable bags. This way, they don’t stick together.
  • For best results, make sure the frying oil is at the optimal 350 to 375 F range. Too hot and the wrapper will burn before it’s sufficiently cooked. Too low and they’ll absorb a lot more grease.

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